Workshops for Teachers


Susan Striker’s specialties are stimulating critical thinking, choice-based learning and creativity. She has written several books and articles that have been loved by children, and their parents and teachers for decades. All of her art workshops address the National Art Standards and relate to literature. Teacher workshops explore the many ways an understanding of age-appropriate art help teachers contribute to and enrich their students’ literacy and learning in other areas including math, science, social and emotional issues and multi-cultural studies.

  1. Young at Art® is a curriculum for teachers of children from pre-school thru early elementary school that demonstrates how crucial age-appropriate, early art experiences are in a child’s education and how these experiences support and enrich learning in the area of literacy. This is a series of literature-based, multi-media, age-appropriate activities. All teachers are given a hand out which includes a review of the highlights of the workshop as well as a full semester’s curriculum to help them utilize this unit in their classrooms.


  1. Passport to Art is a hands-on program offering a chance to travel all over the world without leaving home via multi-media, hands-on activities representing ancient Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Native America, Panama, India, Africa and China. Choose one workshop or a series of eight workshops that provide hands-on activities from each culture. Or choose one workshop to feature the art and culture of just one area or an overview of the series. One copy of the full color, 183 page published book that includes a full year of art in a curriculum easily adaptable to age 6 -16, PASSPORT TO ART will be donated to the group.


  1. Master Artists is a series of literature-based art activities that introduce the modern masters through storybooks that deal with the social and emotional characteristics, as well as the art, that make each artist special and unique. Hands-on art activities give participants an opportunity to experiment with the ideas that the artist originated. One copy of the full color, 109 page published book that includes a full year curriculum, easily adaptable for ages 6-16, MEET THE MASTERS will be donated to the group.


  1. Transformations, An Anti-Coloring Book® Workshop Hand-on, choice-based activities demonstrate for teachers a fully literature-based art program designed to stimulate imaginations in a risk-free environment. Multiple drawing and/or painting projects that encourage creativity are fun and freeing for participants of all ages.  Recommended for teachers of ages six and up. Autographed Anti-Coloring Books® will be available for sale.
  1. Weaving Workshopis a literature-based activity and/or series of sequential activities that also enrich other areas of the curriculum such as math, science, and multi-cultural studies. From simple paper weaving to weaving with yarn on a loom, basket weaving and weaving in the round. Choose a sequential series Residencyor a one-time event that focuses on creating one weaving project. 90 minutes required for every participant to leave with a finished project

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  1. Days of the Dead is a workshop that explores the rich culture of the Mexican holiday. It begins with an engaging story that expresses the heart of the holiday and follows-up with hands on activity that can be completed and taken back to share with students.


  1. ART-Rithmetic® presents a revolutionary new concept that teachers can use art to improve their teaching of math. Her unique approach is ideal for visual learners, but enriches learning for all students. Choose from a relevant area or areas of your math curriculum and plan a personalized workshop with Susan Striker.