Workshops for Children


Susan Striker’s specialties are stimulating critical thinking, choice-based learning and creativity. She has written several books and articles that have been loved by children, and their parents and teachers for decades. All of her art workshops address the National Art Standards and relate to literature. Many also enrich learning in math, science, social-emotional issues and multi-cultural studies.


  1. Young at Art® is a lively, multi-media, age appropriate curriculum for children from pre-school thru early elementary school. Choose to feature Color Magicand/or Ship Shapes, to focus early art experiences that support and enrich learning in the areas of literacy, math, science. Each program is ideally an 8 project Residency, but can be adapted to suit your needs.


  1. Passport to Art is a hands-on program offering a chance to travel all over the world without leaving home via hands-on art activities.Multi-media, art projects representing the arts and crafts of ancient Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Native America, Panama, India, Africa and China. Or choose from one workshop that focuses on an area or self-design an Artist Residency teaching about the art of the world and culminates with each participant “publishing” a bound book. This program is easily adaptable for children ages 8 thru 18. One autographed copy of the full color, 183 page published book that includes a full year of art in a curriculum easily adaptable to age 6-16, Passport to Art will be donated to the school library.

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  1. Master Artists is a series of literature-based art activities that introduce the modern masters through storybooks that deal with them as people as well as artists.Hands-on art activities give students an opportunity to experiment with the ideas that each artist originated. Choose one artist or self-design an Artist Residency teaching several artists in a Residency that culminates with each participant “publishing” a bound book. One copy of the full color, 109 page published book that includes a full year curriculum, easily adaptable for ages 6-16, Meet the Masters will be donated to the school’s library.

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  1. Transformations, An Anti-Coloring Book® Workshop Hands-on, choice-based, multi-media activities begin with a literature-based introduction that gets students excited about using their imaginations in a risk-free environment. Multiple drawing and/or painting projects that encourage creativity are fun and freeing for participants of all. Ages, six thru 60.

Autographed Anti-Coloring Books® will be available for sale.

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  1. Weaving Workshop is a literature-based activity and/or series of sequential activities that also enrich other areas of the curriculum such as math, science, and multi-cultural studies. From simple paper weaving to weaving with yarn on a loom, basket weaving and weaving in the round. Choose a sequential series Residencyor a one-time event that focuses on creating one weaving project. 90 minutes required for every participant to leave with a finished project.

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  1. Viva Mexico!With the people of Mexico so much in today’s news, this workshop presents children with an opportunity to appreciate the country’s rich culture and tradition of imaginative crafts. We will view original art and read together Susan Striker’s most recent book MacGonegal’s Zoo, an alphabet of “animalitos” from Oaxaca, Mexico. All of the art is from Sue’s own collection and students will have an opportunity to see and touch them before creating their own fantastic and imaginative creatures. Autographed copies of the book will be available for sale.


  1. Days of the Dead is a workshop that explores the rich culture of this unique Mexican holiday. It begins with an engaging story that expresses the heart of the holiday and follows-up with a hands-on activity that can be completed during a 60-90 minute workshop.


  1. ART-Rithmetic® Choose from a relevant area of your math curriculum and plan a personalized workshop with Susan Striker in which she teaches math thru art, an ideal approach to enriching the subject for visual learners as well as all students.


  1. Make Art! Not War!This workshop presents Susan Striker’s new iPad app that encourages children to imagine, create, draw, think, plan, solve problems and read. An app with no shooting! No killing! No magic buttons that color for you!


Anti-Boring! Anti-Sifling! Anti-War! Anti-Coloring Book App!

Every participant will need an iPad as well to purchase the app.

10.  At Young at Art Birthday Parties, guests decorate the birthday cake and make all of    the party favors themselves! Engaged, active participation is the key to a joyous experience.