Workshops: Sue Striker gives art workshops for children, parents and teachers.

Young at Art®

 Curriculum designed for very young children  to support learning in the areas of

literacy, math and science.  Age-appropriate, multi-media, hands-on activites based on

colors and/or shapes. Ages preschool thru early elementary school

and/or Professional Learning for Teachers and Parents.

Passport to Art

 A hands-on, literature-based program for children ages 8-18

A chance to travel all over the world without leaving home!

Select from multi-media, literature-based, hands-on activities

representing the art of ancient Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Native America, Panama, India,

Africa and/or China.

Master Artists

A series of literature-based art activities that introduce the modern masters

through storybooks that deal with them as people as well as artists.

Hands-on art activities give participants an opportunity to experiment with the ideas that each artist originated.

For teachers of students or students ages 8-18

Weaving Residency

 A sequential series of weaving activities that begins with a lesson from a spider

and moves from simple drawing and paper weaving to Weaving with Yarn on a loom,

Basket Weaving, Ojos de Dios and Weaving in the Round.

Ages 8-18




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