Table Set-Up

I have 6 tables in the art room and each table has 4 numbers on it and is assigned a color. The numbers represent a child and the color is designated by a tablecloth these first few weeks of school. After all of these years, I finally have found a way to make material distribution and clean-up quick and easy.

My previous post talked about giving each student a job. This year, for the first time, the job does not include walking around to distribute, and later collect, a material. This picture shows the box that now sits on the red table every day, all year. Since four students sit at each table, there are four pairs of scissors in the scissor box, four pencils in the pencil box etc. Enough crayons and markers assure that everyone at the table has whatever they need to work with. I used to keep these boxes on a shelf in the art room, but this year I am finding that leaving them permanently on their tables is working out much better. At the end of each art period, the monitor walks to each table to check that their assigned material has been put away. That is the only walking necessary. The colored boxes came from WB Mason and the cassette boxes were donated by the school’s Media Center when they switched over to CDs. I also ordered a few on Ebay. I like to use plastic party tablecloths, but large paper works just as well. One of my third grade students offered to alphabetize all of the boxes. They need re-doing every week, and he loves doing it.

I wish I had thought of this sooner!IMG_2117

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