Creating with “Crayons” with the technology of today

I was very lucky to publish THE ANTI-COLORING BOOKS® and YOUNG AT ART® before publishers began concentrating on publishing books “written” by celebrities and focusing on books filled with licensed characters that exist to promote the sale of toys. I am happy to say that I was recently able to obtain the rights back to most of my books, rather than watch them languish at the hands of a publisher who no longer had any interest in me or my work. The first thing I am doing is converting the best of the books into iPad apps. Three of them are already live on Apple! I was lucky to find a talented coder who understood and respected the work and did a brilliant job. So, as children gravitate to iPads instead of paper books, they can again experience the joy of creating with “crayons”. Please join me in my next campaign against coloring book apps! I can’t believe that in this modern age of technology, children are still coloring in other people’s drawings – on their iPads instead of in traditional coloring books. There is a free ANTI-COLORING BOOK APP for you to try. When your kids draw using it, have them send the picture to me (via the app) and it will post to the Anti-COLORING BOOK web site and be seen throughout the world. That is even better than the refrigerator!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.00.31 PM
This portrait of me was created with my app by a student.

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