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Congratulations Susan!
Susan Striker was named
Elementary  Art Educator
of the Year
by the Connecticut Art Education Association


Susan Striker

Hear Susan’s ideas on her Young at Art/Anti-Coloring Book page on Facebook

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YouTube and TeacherTube:
Magic Window Lettering
Book Binding


“Greenwich teacher creates app to fire kids' imaginations” ... see the full article from the Greenwich Time here.

“Anti-Coloring Book App promotes mobile creativity for kids” September 9, 2014, Greenwich Post - click here to see the article

“Reviewing the The Anti-Coloring Book App by Susan Striker is one of the highlights of my teaching/app reviewing career! I have been using these awesome resources throughout my entire thirty year stint as a special education teacher ...”


Get the
Book App
for IPad and Mini iPad




The Anti-Coloring Book App for IPad and Mini iPad is an art application designed to stimulate creativity, promote critical thinking skills, foster flexibility and celebrate art.

Fun2tap rated THE ANTI-COLORING BOOK APP 5 stars!

The app is also a welcome alternative to the many violent games and apps children are exposed to. It addresses positive development of social and emotional skills. In fact, the motto is "MAKE ART! NOT WAR!”

The app uses technology to simulate working with actual art materials, such as chalk, crayon, ink, and paint. There are no "magic" buttons that automatically provide clip art or instantly fill areas with color. One can even remove and re-design portions of the app itself. To reach their goals, players must rely on their own fine motor skills and use their imaginations. All of the 40 or so activities can be used as writing and/or discussion prompts. Every activity in the app has a link and recommends a storybook to read about the subject of the activity.

Experience the app in this short video showing it in action
View the Video

Albert Einstein has been quoted saying that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” In the future, our children will be embarking on careers that don’t even exist now and may be called upon to solve problems we can’t possibly anticipate. The Anti-Coloring Book App offers age appropriate art activities that develop entrepreneurial skills, adventuresome spirits, and opportunities for children to learn how to think for themselves and fantasize.   “Where will you go on your magic carpet?” “Entertain your parents with a tall tale.” “What does your dream car look like?” are typical of the many activities that go beyond even the common core’s mandates in education.

See The Anti-Coloring Book® App Art Gallery.


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